Reclaim your gifts. Live a liberated life.

How Free and Fulfilled Do You Really Feel?

I help ambitious women who feel meant for more unleash their true gifts and live a life better than they even realize they deserve.

  • You feel like there’s something more to life, but you’re not sure what it is –  and you’re afraid you’ll never find the meaning you crave.
  • You keep falling down in the same place – in love, money, lifestyle – and  you can’t figure out why you’re always running into the same blocks over  and over again.
  • You’re working harder and longer than ever at reaching success – but you’re tired and frustrated, and secretly you know that your life isn’t as good on the inside as it looks from the outside.
  • You have intuitive and creative gifts that you feel unsure about sharing freely, so you hold them back – but you can’t figure out why it feels like something important is missing.

You can do a diet, hire a business coach, buy all the books, do all the personal development seminars – but if you don’t look at and heal the root cause of the problem, you won’t move forward.

What if all the problems, negative emotions and bad habits you struggle with – the overworking, overeating, overspending; the shame, anger, fear, anxiety, and doubt – aren’t actually yours?

What if all that is a collection of old ancestral patterns, family beliefs, and social traditions that you’ve taken on and believed to be you? What if instead of being an amalgamation of other people’s issues, you could just feel free to be yourself?

“For awhile, maybe since having kids, I’d been feeling kind of “off”.  It’s hard to explain, but it was kind of like a loss of self-identity. I felt  ineffective and out of alignment all over the place. Now you would be so proud of me! My outlook is sunnier and I’m more demanding in getting time for myself. I feel so much more whole, more like the “me” I was missing. I am in a whole different place, Maia, and it feels soooooo much better.” Kara Neer

Imagine that it’s truly possible to clear all that old baggage out.
You’re able to experience the meaning and connection you so deeply desire.
You can now actually help others, because you finally feel lighter and free to serve.
And that by healing yourself, you heal your family and you heal the world.