Break the Fucking Rules. Live a Liberated Life.

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Welcome! I’m Maia, and I guide soul rebel entrepreneurs & creatives to do life, biz, love & adventure according to their own rules for success!

Sound good to you?

Then it’s likely that you’ve been working really hard on yourself. And read all the books. Done tons of retreats. Written thousands of insights in your journal.

And now, you’re wondering why you’re not further along. Why you’re still not reaching your potential. Why you’re not feeling better.

Because you followed all the advice, dammit. You did all the right things!

But now you’ve got a personal life and a career that you thought it made sense to commit to, and still, you’re unhappy, unfulfilled and disconnected. You’ve got a pile of unfinished projects. Or maybe you’re dealing with an entrepreneurial venture that’s a great idea, but your heart isn’t fully in it.

You have an urge to stop following the rules. To make a bold move.

But the things you want to do sound crazy!

And you don’t quite trust yourself because you’ve been told, from the time you can remember, that you were too much. Or different. Or wrong in some fundamental way.

And even while you’re starting to realize that a part of you is deeply yearning to be fully yourself in every area of your life, it also sounds really, really scary to actually do it.

You walk around the world, and open magazines, and go online and you don’t see anybody like you, and so you’re waiting.

Waiting for it to be safe. Waiting for permission. To be the real you. Full-out. All the time. Unapologetic. Courageous. And did I say bold?

But maybe, just maybe, the truth is that you are creating something new. That you’re an outlier. That this trying to fit in when really you’re a misfit is getting old for a reason.

Because what if … you’re being called to step outside of your prescribed comfort zone because the world needs you to?

Because no one else can do it exactly like you?

In case you hadn’t noticed, the world needs revolutionary rule-breakers – because the world needs new rules.

What if the world needs you to show up fully as your socially unacceptable, different, too much self??

Will you answer the call?

If you’re ready to say yes! to that question, I would love to support you! Find out ways to work with me here.

“For awhile, maybe since having kids, I’d been feeling kind of “off”.  It’s hard to explain, but it was kind of like a loss of self-identity. I felt  ineffective and out of alignment all over the place. Now you would be so proud of me! My outlook is sunnier and I’m more demanding in getting time for myself. I feel so much more whole, more like the “me” I was missing. I am in a whole different place, Maia, and it feels soooooo much better.” Kara Neer