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Meet Maia

Hi, I’m Maia. I was born in upstate New York to back-to-the-land, artist parents. From a young age, I always questioned the rules. This drove my parents a little crazy at times, and didn’t always serve me (um, getting arrested for prostitution in Prague, Czechoslovakia, anyone? Long story!).

But today I am finally clear on the difference between being a random rule-breaker – and being a person who trusts her inner compass to lead her to where she needs to be (and who is willing to break free from limiting rules, if that’s what it takes).

Today it’s obvious that my soul was always leading me in the right direction, but for many years, my desires didn’t appear to make sense together I was an independent film actress in New York City, while teaching English as a Foreign Language, and taking any opportunity to do a week-long artist date in Paris, hit the beach in Mexico, or volunteer at an orphanage and have a wild love affair with my Spanish teacher.

I was a constant seeker and student, and couldn’t figure out which job to choose I got certified and worked as a rape crisis and domestic violence counselor, Vinyasa yoga teacher, holistic health coach, colon hydrotherapist, and ran my own freelance copywriting agency.

But what I’ve come to see is that there simply is not one clear path for everybody.

And for the creative rebels of the world, the soul adventurers and seekers, there is a real need to claim permission to go the way of our calling and perhaps in a way it’s never been done before.

As I got comfortable with this idea, I began to see a new career path taking shape, one that included all of the personal and professional experiences I’d explored over the years.

The voice of my soul had been speaking clearly all along, but I’d been unable to hear it over the rule I held that my life “should” look a certain way. (Turns out even rule-breakers can get caught by the rules!)

And as I’ve spoken in front of audiences, led workshops, been interviewed for podcasts, led masterminds, and worked privately with clients, I’ve come to see how important this permission is to so many people who feel stuck, blocked, and unfulfilled.

Today I fully believe that breaking any hidden and limiting rules that are holding you back, and choosing to follow your soul desires wherever they lead you, is the best way to self-realization, freedom, and fulfillment.



For each of us, there comes a pivotal moment where we decide that we’re ready to make a BIG change. Here’s when that moment was for me …

Several years ago I was binge-eating my way through life and living on unemployment in an apartment on the outskirts of New York City.

I was about to declare personal bankruptcy, and spent my days lying on the couch surrounded by a pile of self-help books.

All the books talked about living “your best life”. They talked about creating a “powerful vision”. They talked about “manifesting”.

And I was in the process of manifesting personal bankruptcy.

It was a distinct low point. I was already in my late 30’s and I couldn’t figure out why “it” hadn’t happened for me yet.

So I got drunk and called up a friend. And I asked her a question.

“Do you really believe there are people who love their lives?”

It was the only question that mattered to me in that moment.

“Yes, Maia,” she said. “I believe there are people who truly love their lives.”

That answer gave me the smallest piece of hope, but it was enough to set me off on a soul-searching quest to do anything I could to feel better in life.

I signed up for personal development workshops, worked with a health coach, lost all the binge weight, and stopped emotional eating.

And I’ve been on this road ever since, to follow my desires.

Those desires have led me to leave my NYC apartment and move upstate. They’ve led me to fall in love, go back to school, to start a business, to sign up for programs that taught me to get up on stage and speak. And even to give up my apartment in the Hudson Valley and embrace country girl living and the nomadic lifestyle.

The path hasn’t been straightforward.

There have been twists and turns, but each desire has led to the next.

And in the process, I learned that I had to break the rules that my family, friends, society, and the entrepreneurial world I’m a part of told me were what I was “supposed” to be doing.

And now that’s what I help my clients to do.

I’m here to coach the person who knows that something’s off, but when they look at their lives they think:

I should want this job/business plan/lifestyle …

but I’m not happy.

Maybe you relate?

Your life may look good on the outside, but it doesn’t feel fulfilling on the inside.

And the secret truth is, you keep dreaming of…

Buying a swimming pool and swimming naked. Getting horses. Speaking your mind at work. Wearing orange and seducing your husband. Having an amazing connection to your kids. Firing your business partner and going solopreneur. Moving to California. Healing your lifelong depression. Making art that everyone has told you won’t sell but your soul is demanding you make anyway.

These are some of the things my clients have actually done.

Sometimes their lives do look different on the outside. But more importantly, they feel different on the inside.

Lighter. Truer. Satisfied. Fulfilled. Expressed. They have clarity. A sense of inner knowing.

And in love with the ride of life, despite all the unpredictability!

Once you discover the “rules” you’ve been subconsciously following your whole life, and start following your soul desires, you can lead the life you were born to live.

I can’t promise you it will always be easy. But I can promise you it will be the greatest adventure of your life.

Instead of sitting back and wondering: What if I’d had the nerve to go for it? What if instead, you decide to take the reins, break the rules that are holding you back, and start living your liberated life?

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