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DSC_3601-lowrez“The more that I do this work, I feel stronger, stronger, stronger. Even looking back a month I don’t recognize myself. I used to feel like I was punishing myself, numbing myself out with food and work, and dishonoring myself. I was tired of feeling that way. The things we talk about and the things I learn just seep into my body.

You’re right there with me, getting me through things. Plus making a forward-moving plan. Not gloom and doom for the next three weeks whenever something goes wrong. My process used to be, “I’ve got to suffer through until this is over,” but not any more.

I feel like we’ve made more shifts in a short period of time, more than I made in several years of therapy!

And I don’t think anyone else could tell me to change the name of my business, and I would get it. I can see the limitations and the sticky parts of it now. You keep me on track in all areas of my life.”

Sue Shier, Business Owner & Entrepreneur

10153909_10151932831801367_1976456934_nMy life is infused with these great tools you’ve provided me with. I feel all this positivity and optimism. I really feel like that’s penetrated, that it’s really made a difference.  Even if I wake up feeling crappy or something irritates me, I have these new tools on hand. It feels like a new evolutionary big step for me in my life. It feels like a new gear.

I don’t need anybody else’s approval. I don’t need anybody else to do anything. I’m okay. It’s not just where I’m saying I’m ok. I really am ok! I appreciate the people in my life more now.  Once I got a taste of that, little things started to give me that high.

You don’t transform or change nearly as quickly as when you have someone there alongside you. The time I’ve had with you has been so valuable, and has helped me in leaps and bounds. You’ve made me feel so comfortable. You’ve helped me be clear about myself. You have a really amazing emotional intellect!

Erin McKeon Bell, Health Coach & Massage Therapist

12439011_10206555116694369_6028382651885874019_nFor a while, maybe since having kids, I’d been feeling kind of “off”. It’s hard to explain, but it was kind of like a loss of self-identity. Being a wife and mother was great, and maybe that should have been enough, but I felt lost and depleted. I felt like I had lost something that had made me someone I had enjoyed.

I felt ineffective and out of alignment in every area of my life. The profession I went into took me away from myself. I felt overwhelmed, negative, and like I was fading away. Some days, I felt like an animal trapped in a cage. I hardly recognized myself and I didn’t like the person I had become.

Now, you would be so proud of me! My outlook is sunnier and more positive. I’m more demanding in getting time for myself, taking the time I need to take a walk, journal, mediate, or get a massage.

One day, while aimlessly wandering around downtown, I went into a shoe store. I was sucked in by the kids’ clearance table, but ended up looking at women’s shoes which were wildly expensive. One of the salesmen asked if I needed help and all I said was, “I’m a teacher and my feet are killing me.” He ended up getting me a beautiful European shoe, whose price made me nauseous. My god – I tried them on and I swear my foot had an orgasm. “Here’s my credit card, sir, because my feet and I deserve to be comfortable!” My outlook has shifted. I am worth the time and the self-care, so I can be happy and present.

I treated all of July as my birthday month, so I bought myself a new VW Jetta – turbo engine, five speed manual transmission, which makes driving a blast, some new dresses, and have had several acupuncture treatments. I’m also looking into a spa day and have already told my husband exactly where I want to go for dinner on my birthday. It feels amazing to be able to identify my own desires and to be able to articulate them to my husband.

I am in a whole different place, Maia, and it feels sooooo much better. Thank you for recognizing that I was withholding self-love and ignoring my own self-care.

Along with my new regimen of self-care, brighter outlook, and improved energy came a tribe! I have a growing tribe of supportive, like-minded people!

I feel so much more whole and authentic, more like the “me” I was missing.

Maia helped me remember who I was on a soul level, which made all the difference in the world.

Thankfully, the boys and my husband are so supportive. None of them think I’m weird when I start talking about past lives, Reiki, angels, or crystals. The boys think it’s all cool…Mommy’s little Lightworkers.

Kara Morgan Neer, Special Ed Speak Pathologist & New Age Mom

“Part of my draw to you is that I wanted to have a life. I feel like I always run out of time or energy, I’ve struggled with remembering things. And I needed immediate income. I felt anxious, and not very organized.

You have given me more dramatic life changes and big shifts than I’ve had on my own or with other coaches. No more “poor me” anymore! To know that you can just flip the switch on yourself is just freaking amazing, I had no idea! There are so many coaches, and you’re so different. You’re so much deeper than other coaches!

Just a few weeks after starting to work together, and I have a date!!! A job and a date …. What the heck???? I’m in a whole new world, my friend!

Thank you, Maia Macek! It sure has been a roller coaster ride. I’m so excited and happy for the changes that are coming my way. Our time together has produced such quick changes.

I like how you said I was “detoxing” my life. It has been painful to say the least but I’m feeling up for the challenge of more detox. With you by my side I’m ready to be free of my limiting beliefs and the clutter of my past and live the full and abundant life I was meant to have.”

Jane T., Entrepreneur & Single Mom

In my mind now I have full permission to write it, feel it, express it. It’s ok now. Up until this point, I’d have to qualify or temper it, I wouldn’t go there. Because spiritual people don’t have all this shit inside them! Now I can feel anything I want to feel. I don’t crave food anymore and food was everything. Food was love. Before it was, “I’ve got to save the world, and that doesn’t include me.” Thank you for the permission to be good to myself!

Your gift is so encompassing. You bring to the individual a smorgasbord of opportunities and viewpoints to heal a life.  Little by little, as I reach out to the world, your loving guidance continues to illuminate my path.

Mary Ann S., Project Manager

1df4ff49509670bd8f2f3aac9e9bef83Even though on the outside things look the same, I feel different, and like something’s shifting. There are mental problems that are changing. I notice that feeling I always had, that the other shoe was going to drop, is gone. Now I feel like things are pretty ok and nothing bad is lined up to happen!

Lee P., Artist

GettoKnowElizabeth6You’ve been beyond incredible as a support system for me – truly listening, calling me out on my shit (lovingly) when I need it, creating a safe space for me to share the things that truly scare me about life or myself – and no matter how deep or murky the shit feels for me – you can make me laugh, see the growth or learning possibility, and help me to have some sort of shift so that I can move forward.

I feel free and safe to completely tell you the full truth – and know you will listen with my soul’s best interests in mind – never judging me – always loving me and helping me to create the life I want.

Elizabeth Blue, Performer, Creativity Coach, Writer

anna_derr_bioYou’ve provided me with knowledge, wisdom, tough love, compassionate love, and always listened. You always have my highest and greatest good and transformation in mind.

Annalisa Derr, Actress and Mythologist

Sarah for Client TestimonialsYou give your entire self to people.

When you talk to them you are always completely there – tapping into some energy stream of their own process and passing out gems like Halloween candy (admittedly, much healthier!, but just as delicious in every way), never serving to be the lecturer about what one is doing wrong, simply the conduit for the person you are speaking with’s Higher Self.

The higher self is like, fuck, yeah … finally someone who hears me and can share my message … thank you!

Sarah Ehrhardt, Renaissance Woman & Free-Thinking Mom