Break the Fucking Rules. Live a Liberated Life.

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You’ve tried all sorts of things to make your life turn into the beautiful vision you can totally see for yourself, but it still isn’t happening, and you’re feeling frustrated.

Maybe you’re wondering what’s wrong with you.

If you lack what it takes to be successful.

If what you’ve been told about how to live the life of your dreams isn’t actually true.

Because if you’ve done all the workshops, gone to therapy, read all the books – and things still aren’t coming together, you can start to doubt if this “best life ever” is going to happen for you.

But here’s the truth.

It’s not about following the rules to make your life look a certain way.

To feel happy, fulfilled, and on purpose, first you’ve got to break the fucking rules.

And that’s what I help my clients to do – uncover the hidden rules that are running their lives, start connecting to their deepest desires, and get the courage to go for it!

Are you ready to cultivate the nerve to do all of life (love, career, adventure) as the real you?

Do you feel like there is a calling on your life, but you can’t figure out what it is?

Do you struggle with habitual low feelings, confusion, self-doubt — and you’re ready for clarity, to connect to your intuition, and to feel really sure of yourself in your calling and in your life?

  • My clients have ended lifelong struggles with depression and emotional eating.
  • They’ve fired business partners who weren’t aligned, and have seen their life’s work suddenly take off.
  • They’ve claimed their innate creative and personality gifts and watched their marriages re-ignite, new ideas be birthed, and their creativity soar.
  • Homes have come out of foreclosure.
  • Family struggles of decades have healed.

There is no limit to where in your life you can find more liberation. More self-expression. Absolute clarity. Feeling better than you ever imagined possible.  More healing. More freaking joy, because why the hell not?? Right??

Do you want that for yourself?

What would that look like for you?

A love relationship full of easy laughter and killer sex? A joyful connection with your teenage kids? A way to feel like you’ve got this life thing/work thing handled, even when you’re swarmed with unpredictability? A passionate creative life where you bring amazing projects to fruition? A spiritual belief system that allows you to make sense of this crazy world we live in so you can sleep at night?

And what do you need to get that?

You need to discover the hidden rules that are holding you back.

You need permission to break those rules.

And you need the courage to go for it with your wildest dreams.

Here’s how we can make that happen.


There are three (3) ways to work with me. Choose the offering that speaks to you!


 The Liberation Sessions 

 1:1 Private Life Coaching

Want your life to be unrecognizable to you in six months?

Want to be unrecognizable to yourself??

If you’re ready to do the inner work and take some bold action, your life can dramatically change in just 4 to 6 months through The Liberation Sessions.

I work with women and men who are ready to go deep with uprooting stagnant rules, healing old wounds, and living out their biggest transformation in all areas of their lives.

I’ve been doing this work on myself and with other people for decades, and I bring all my experience, initiation, and training into my work with you.

When you work with me, you’ll get loved up like crazy and told the truth always.

Want some of that??

Here’s what you’ll get in The Liberation Sessions:

  • 6 months of on-going guidance and support with me.
  • We talk for 60 minutes twice a month.
  • You get Email/Text Message/Voice Memo Support as you need it.
  • When you desire extra encouragement, clarity or focus, you get a 20-minute Bonus Call each month whenever you most need it.
  • You get access to all my tools, techniques, exercises, and visualizations personalized based on your needs.
  • Membership in the “Rule Breakers Freedom Forum” Facebook Community


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“Three months ago I was like, What is the point? Now I’m like, Whoa, I’m drowning in my blessings! This has been tremendous. Absolutely fucking tremendous.” ~Emma M.

The Creativity Sessions  

1:1 Private Creativity Mentorship

The Creativity Sessions is a personalized creativity experience, customized to guide and support you in bringing the project of your dreams to life.

Do you have unfinished, unrealized, or yet-to-be-discovered creative projects within you that you’d like to bring to life?

Have you been trying to write the book, create the solo show, or film the videos, but getting completely stuck trying to do it alone?

Are you craving accountability and support through the creative process, so you can finally create and finish your dream project?

If you …

  • Feel a yearning to be more creative, but you have doubts about your innate talent
  • Struggle with making yourself “do the creative work” and finishing projects on your own
  • Feel frustrated and unsatisfied in life because you aren’t fulfilling your creative potential
  • Have trouble making your creativity a priority!
  • Have a million interests and pursuits, and wonder how to connect them all into a viable career or body of work

… And are ready to fulfill your creative visions and dreams, The Creativity Sessions might just be the answer you’re seeking.

You’ll get personalized, one-on-one mentorship, that supports you through the creative process.

You’ll also get expert feedback and support from a seasoned editor, coach, writer, actress and director. (And if you’re harboring the belief that you have to choose one thing, and only one thing to focus on creatively, I’m happy to be the example that you simply do not. Renaissance people of the world unite!)

Here’s what you’ll get in The Creativity Sessions:

  • Two 90-minute coaching calls with me per month.
    • We’ll kick off the first call by getting on the project your soul is crying out to you to create! Then, we’ll plan out the scope of the project and milestones you want to hit to stay accountable and get forward movement.
    • During our regular calls, you can share your work with me, and I can give you an outside eye and feedback. We will work on the project together (co-writing, editing, directing, etc) and will take it to the next level! We’ll also dive into the blocks that arise as you dive into your full potential. These calls are all about giving you whatever support you need to feel motivated, inspired, and ready to go take the next creative steps outside our calls, as well as in our time together.
  • You’ll have a deadline to submit new work to me the before the call. I’ll take a look and review before we meet, where appropriate, or we’ll work together in our meeting, if that’s more suitable to your creative process.
  • Up to four email check-ins per month, as needed. We often get stuck and just need an outside eye to move forward. This support is in place so that you can send your work over, I’ll take a look and offer feedback. For example: copy-editing/directing/viewing/voice-recorded feedback on your project.
  • One bonus 30 Minute Call per month, as you need to keep your creative process moving forward.

I’ll be sharing all of my favorite tools, techniques, exercises, and visualizations with you as needed. Tools for: accountability, productivity, creativity, and deeper spiritual connection through the process!


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And if you prefer a quick shot of transformation, check out my intensive session, Liberate.



 1:1 Personalized Intensive

This is a massive deep dive, designed to launch you straightaway into the next level of your life – in love, in your life’s work, in emotional healing. If you’re ready to go there, work swiftly, and claim your transformation like a beast, this is for you!

In the Liberate Intensive, my clients have:

  • Released childhood trauma and re-ignited their creative drive.
  • Discovered soul gifts & personality gifts that were hidden under a lifetime of shame & fear – and turned their marriages & businesses inside out with their new insights.
  • Uncovered old money stories, reclaimed their inner value, and had breakthroughs in business and love.
  • Activated unprecedented healing within their families – with their parents, with their children, with their romantic partners.
  • Realized their soul mission and articulated it in a vision statement for their entrepreneurial venture.

How it works:

  • You’ll get prep work before the session so we can quickly focus on the most important shifts you desire
  • We meet virtually for a 3-hour Intensive
  • We meet again for a 60-minute follow-up call two weeks later.
  • You also get VIP email/text message access between the intensive and follow-up call for added support.


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I am probably not the coach for you if:

  • You’re more inclined to just talk about your problems than seek soul-opening solutions.
  • You’re looking for someone to do the work for you.
  • You resist doing the inner work.
  • You’re annoyed by spirituality or New Age Thinking.
  • You’re looking only for linear templates and fill-in-the-blanks worksheets.
  • You need to manage each detail of the process.
  • You’re not open to surrendering and witnessing your healing and life liberation unfold in unexpected ways.